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Traveling as a family?

Join the Digital Nomad Families community and get exclusive access to our databases of services, tools, events and more in the country you've decided to make your new home.

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What do you get with Digital Nomad Families?

Information about local events

New to the city? Up for meeting families in the same situation as you? We provide information about local events.

List of available local jobs

Want to move abroad with your family, but don't have a job in the desired country yet? Check out our list of available local jobs.

Schooling for your kids

Looking for schooling options ofr your kids in your new country? Check out our list of schooling and homeschooling options.

Expats living in Thailand with kids: What about school?

Do you have kids and currently live or plan to live in Thailand? No problem. Get access to information on how to prepare for the school system in Thailand. Become a member and get exclusive access to information about how it works, pricing, options and more.

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What we do

A problem many digital nomads face is how to combine online work and family while living abroad for short or long term stays. One reason is that information is not easily found online. We try to solve that. Our mission is to create a community for digital nomad families to share tools and resources with each other.


Read our blog before you start planning your re-location. We spent hours curating information that will help you.


Are you a digital nomad family? Join our community to hang with all of us, and to discuss and share information.

Let’s work together

Are you a digital nomad with a family, traveling the world, and like to write? We offer digital nomads to use our platform to share their stories. Contact us today if you wish to do guest posting on our blog.

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The team

Our team is comprised of two brothers. A proper Digital Nomad Family, who has lived and worked as digital nomads for 10+ years combined.

Digital Nomad, SEO jedi and professional coffee drinker.
Digital Nomad, AdWords ninja and master climber.

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